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Video games and consoles
Retrouvez toutes nos archives sur le theme Games en 2021Retrouvez toutes nos archives sur le theme Games en 2020Retrouvez toutes nos archives sur le theme Games en 2019The game ‘God of War’ shines at Game Awards 2018 - 13/12/2018
The game ‘Borderlands 3’ suffers leaks - 12/12/2018
The game ‘Just Cause 4’ has been launched - 11/12/2018
‘Far Cry’: the next game has a trailer - 10/12/2018
Egosoft’s ‘X4 Foundations’ is dominating game charts - 06/12/2018
Pokémon and Tamagotchi partner up to release digital pet - 28/11/2018
The game ‘Devil May Cry’ will be adapted as a show - 27/11/2018
The game ‘The Walking Dead’ in progress at Skybound - 23/11/2018
The game 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' gets a launch date - 19/11/2018
The game ‘Warhammer: Vermintide 2’ gets special download pack - 16/11/2018
Microsoft’s Xbox includes PUBG in Game Pass - 16/11/2018
Sean Bean appears in the game ‘Hitman 2’ - 25/10/2018
The game ‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ by Ubisoft is out! - 19/10/2018
The Switch platform Nintendo Labo debuted a competition - 17/10/2018
The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit has been unveiled - 16/10/2018
The game ‘Minecraft: Dungeons’, the spin-off, was announced! - 10/10/2018
The PS Vita by Sony goes digital only - 10/10/2018
The Sony PlayStation Classic has a December release date! - 10/10/2018
‘Assassin's Creed Odyssey’: A new chapter of the action game - 04/10/2018
The video game developer Square Enix, was at the E3 - 02/10/2018
‘Stardew Valley’, the RPG, is doing better in the charts - 01/10/2018
‘God of War’, the PS4 game breaks sales records - 28/09/2018
‘Radical Heights’, a battle royale game, is out as an early access on Steam - 24/09/2018
The game ‘Spelunky 2’ has a trailer - 21/09/2018
‘Destiny 2’, the game, received several modifications - 19/09/2018
‘Mega Man’: The Japanese franchise announces a new game - 17/09/2018
‘Captain Spirit’ is set in the ‘Life is Strange’ universe - 13/09/2018
‘Captain Spirit’ is set in the ‘Life is Strange’ universe - 13/09/2018
‘Red Dead Redemption 2’: The game has a third trailer - 11/09/2018
The game ‘FIFA 19’ is adding two new modes - 11/09/2018
‘Detroit: Become Human’ is a futuristic game - 11/09/2018
The game ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ by Nintendo gets an update - 11/09/2018
Sony debuts reduced PS4 Hits - 07/09/2018
The game ‘Fallout 76’ will be available for beta testing - 04/09/2018
The RPG ‘Anthem’ has a trailer - 03/09/2018
‘Yakuza’: The video game gets a revamp - 03/09/2018
‘To the Moon’: The 2-D game gets a movie adaptation - 03/09/2018
Square Enix will release a highly anticipated RPG - 03/09/2018
‘Pillars of Eternity’, the RPG has a sequel - 31/08/2018
Harry Potter’s RPG cast new names - 31/08/2018
Pokémon Go, the game has received an update - 29/08/2018
GDC Awards: the prestigious prize goes to ‘The Legend of Zelda’ - 27/08/2018
‘Warframe’: the game’s background is explained in a documentary - 27/08/2018
The Nintendo exclusive, ‘Pokémon Quest’, has arrived on mobile - 27/08/2018
‘Dandara’ is a Long Hat House game - 27/08/2018
Nintendo introduced its 2018 games at the Electronic Entertainment Expo - 24/08/2018
‘Battlefield V’: The game will add a new mode - 24/08/2018
‘Rage 2’: A follow-up of the video game is confirmed - 24/08/2018
The game ‘New Star Soccer Manager’ arrives on mobile - 16/08/2018
‘Project Cars’: The game developers are working on a portable edition - 16/08/2018
The game ‘Beyond Good and Evil 2’ has been announced - 02/08/2018
More footage is out for the game ‘Death Stranding’ - 02/08/2018
The MMO ‘Bless Online’ dominates a gaming chart - 31/07/2018
‘Hellblade’, the dark fantasy game, got 9 nominations at the BAFTAS - 27/07/2018
‘Fortuna’ and ‘Railjack’: Two upcoming updates for ‘Warframe’ - 24/07/2018
Epic Games is working on updating Fortnite’s Playground Mode - 20/07/2018
‘Jurassic World Evolution’: The video game is topping the leader board - 20/07/2018
‘Pokémon Go’: Live events are planned for the game - 19/07/2018
Ubisoft revealed a sequel to its game ‘The Division’ - 17/07/2018
Battle Royale game H1Z1 can now be downloaded at no charge - 16/07/2018
‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ will not have a traditional setting - 07/07/2018
The RPG ‘Elder Scrolls 6’ has been officially announced! - 28/06/2018
‘Grand Theft Auto 5’: why is the game so popular? - 13/06/2018
‘Disney Heroes: Battle Mode’ is up for pre-registration - 22/05/2018
‘PUBG’, the video game can be downloaded on mobile - 19/05/2018
’Far Cry 5’, by Ubisoft, had a successful debut week - 20/04/2018
‘Shenmue’: The game is heading towards a third production - 20/04/2018
Fortnite, the multiplayer game will host a celebrity event - 26/03/2018

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