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Publicité Référencement Internet music radioMusic - Radio - Web radio - PodcastBurna Boy teamed up with Diddy for ‘Twice as Tall’ - 13/08/2020 07:15
Following his success with ‘African Giant’, Burna Boy is now getting ready to reveal a new collection. Titled ‘Twice as Tall’, it features the work of many artists such as Chris Martin and Stormzy. Next

television video mediaTelevision - Movie - VideoJennifer Grey confirmed in the ‘Dirty Dancing’ film reboot - 13/08/2020 07:13
One of the most successful films in history is reportedly on its way back on the big screen. ‘Dirty Dancing’ will be reworked by Lionsgate and Jennifer Grey will reprise her role. Next

Business and politicsBusiness - Politics - Polls - OpinionRihanna unveils her much-awaited Fenty Skin collection! - 03/08/2020 08:16
Taking a break from her singing career since she launched her Fenty Beauty business, Rihanna has now unveiled Fenty Skin. The skincare line is already available for purchase. Next

Video gamesVideo games and consoles‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is the fastest selling video game for PlayStation - 03/08/2020 07:30
In a short time since its release on platforms, ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is already breaking records. Despite it being a new gaming franchise, a high number of copies of the video game has been sold. Next

hardwareComputer equipment - salon equipment - ElectronicsThe headset HP Reverb G2 is an impressive wearable device! - 05/06/2020 22:04
Following the success of first headset, the American company is now back with HP Reverb G2. The gadget is said to feature lenses that were developed by Valve, a rival brand. Next

mobile and telephonyMobile - Smartphones - LandlinesThe Apple iPhone SE second generation gets a dialled down launch - 23/04/2020 14:52
Being famous for having some of the highest-priced phones on the market, Apple has reviewed its tradition for once. Indeed, the iPhone SE smartphone is more economical than most flagship devices. Next

internet webInternet - Web - Search enginesThe social network Snapchat launches video service - 18/10/2018 18:06
As a way to spark its growth, Snapchat has announced that it is introducing a new program. Indeed, new series are in the works and will be presented on the app of the social network. Next

television videosTélévision - Cinéma - VidéosTopStreaming: watch movies and videos online easily via streaming - 30/08/2018 12:07
TopStreaming gives you the opportunity to stream various movies online easily. Its mobile-friendly design allows you to enjoy your favourite film and several categories of clips on your smartphone, PC or tablet.  Next

Computer softwareComputer and free SoftwaresAndroid P, a new and improved operating system - 16/08/2018 11:02
Announced by Google on March 2018, a beta version of Android P has been unveiled at the company’s annual conference. It brings several changes to the existing technology of smartphones. Next

jeux videosJeux Vidéos - ConsolesElectricity: an arcade game for unlimited fun on iOS only - 22/02/2016 12:39
You folks with an iOS smartphone or tablet can now download Electricity. The latter is a super cool arcade game in the name of Harissapp and it’s now free-to-play on the App Store exclusively. This application will provide players with a fun arcade type of gameplay and it might well be the season’s must have piece of portable entertainment!  Next

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